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To Tell The Truth: Gratitude

Thankfulness is a good thing for so many reasons. Have you been seeing “gratitude lists” on Facebook? Sometimes, it just does my heart good to read what a friend is thankful for. But, it’s also good for my friend, the one who is expressing thanks. In keeping with the season, I was thinking about the …

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Survive or Thrive?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, & although I’ve already written about it, I feel it’s worthy of one more look. I have numerous friends & acquaintances who have mentioned some rather mixed attitudes toward these next few days of feasting, traveling, family, etc. The holiday that is supposed to be about gratitude can end up being more …

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Terra Turkey Recipe

As my husband likes to say, “this could change the way you do Thanksgiving!” 1) Get a good quality turkey. Local, free range, organic– it may cost you your first-born; but it’s only once a year, right? Mix up the brine in something large. We use our stock pot. Wash your bird & put ‘er …

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