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Sourdough Pancakes (Yum!)

In my household, I am considered an early riser. I get up between 6 and 7, which does not seem early at all to some of you, I know. Today, I decided to make sourdough pancakes, because I can start them early, let them sit until late morning, and then fix a sort of brunch …

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Favorite Spring Super-Smoothie

Strawberries are in season! I just received a quart of organic strawberries in my bi-weekly produce box from local provider Green Buffalo. According to a flyer that came with my strawberries, more than half of 7-9-year-old kiddos say this is their favorite fruit. Good choice! A cup of these berries has plenty of antioxidants like …

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How to Make My Favorite Smoothies

When my kiddos were little, a friend invited us over for lunch. Being from Texas, she asked us, “Do y’all like smoothies?” to which I responded, “What are smoothies?” My, how things change! Several year ago, when I got serious about getting gluten out of my diet, smoothies became the cornerstone of my daily menu. …

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