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Friends, Expectations, & Your Health

We know that dog owners live longer than other people. We know that therapy animals are helping senior citizens stay healthier longer. Something I’ve often heard is that it’s preferable to have animals for companions because they don’t talk back & are always happy to see their human friends. I have 2 dogs, so I …

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Do We Know How to Heal?

Everyone is busy, especially now. So I’ve used that as an excuse not to publish a blog for several days longer than usual. Honestly, though, I’ve been putting it off because I feel I cannot go on without addressing the recent Sandy Hook tragedy. I wanted to write about the fact that the holidays are …

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10 Ways to Enjoy Fall More

Fall is my favorite season; but it hasn’t always been so. I found myself dreading the madness of the up-coming holiday rush & the icky feeling in my body following too much Halloween candy.  Over the last several years, I’ve made some changes, & once again, I’m really enjoying this wonderful season. So, here are …

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