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The Perils Of Sitting (Yes, I Did Say “Perils”)

Sitting must be less dangerous than hang gliding, right? Surly it’s not as dangerous as rock climbing or snow boarding. Swimming is more dangerous than sitting, especially if you’re diving. Or not? How can sitting be perilous at all? And how can this be a newsworthy topic? Turns out, the dangers of sitting are much …

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Hand In Hand: Exercise And Sleep

Why “hand in hand?” In my experience, you really can’t have great sleep, consistently, without regular exercise. If, on the other hand, you regularly exercise without getting adequate sleep. you’re in trouble. But, what if you’re having trouble with both areas already? It’s not easy to start an exercise routine when you’re exhausted, right? I …

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Develop Flexibility for Good!

Dancers are some of my favorite subjects. I have been a fine art painter for most of my life, & have always been drawn to the human figure as a subject. Many artists have depicted dancers; but not many actually paint the figure in the air or in motion– my favorite! My daughter began dancing …

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