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Sugar Season is Here! (6 Tips to Help You Navigate)

Okay, we’ve already established that we Americans eat A LOT of sugar, right? Well, it seems to me that Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day has got to be the peak time for consumption of the white stuff. Those attractive little red & green foil wrappers are just the beginning… So what will you do? Are …

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Survive or Thrive?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, & although I’ve already written about it, I feel it’s worthy of one more look. I have numerous friends & acquaintances who have mentioned some rather mixed attitudes toward these next few days of feasting, traveling, family, etc. The holiday that is supposed to be about gratitude can end up being more …

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Sweet Nothings?

Today is November 3, so three days ago was my least favorite “holiday,” Halloween. What is Halloween really about, anyway? Dressing in costumes, being scared, & eating candy. I do enjoy the pumpkins– carving them, eating them, little kids dressed like them. I kept quiet for many years (mostly) about my anti-Halloween sentiments, because my …

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