This page describes some of the events I do, and also lists scheduled up-coming events. I’ve been keeping a lighter schedule this summer, due to finishing school and other activities, but I’m gearing up for a busy fall season.


“Optimize Your Energy!” is my newest free lecture and I’ll debut it on August 29th, along with my friend, Master Herbalist, Julie Formby. This will be a webinar format, so you can register by clicking on this link (click here), which will take you to Julie’s events page, where you can click to register. By registering, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the webinar. Thursday, August 29, 2013, from 6-7 p.m. MST. Listen from the comfort of your own home!

Get your energy on!

Get your energy on!

“Sugar Blues: Kick Your Sugar Habit For Good!” This free, interactive lecture is given by me and Master Herbalist, Julie Formby. We look at what sugar does inside our bodies and how we can overcome our cravings to regain balance.

“Sugar & Food Sensitivities” This free lecture explores the connection between sugar & processed foods and the rising problem of food sensitivities and allergies, as well as how we can adjust food and lifestyle choices to navigate these issues more healthfully.


“Girl Party” Includes a short presentation on eating for energy and health, Chinese Face, Tongue, and Nail assessment by Julie Formby, tasty smoothies and recipes, and an opportunity to sample & purchase non-toxic nail wraps from Jamberry. $40 payable in advance to Mollie Walker Freeman, per mile transportation charge for distances 20 miles or more from Loveland, plus advance payment to Brandi Greffe for any purchased nail wraps. (Northern Colorado only) This party is designed for 6-10 participants. Additional charge for larger groups.

Tongues are SO interesting!

Tongues are SO interesting!

“Get Cultured Fermenting Class” This 2 hour class will introduce you to the process of fermentation of vegetables, fruits, and condiments. We use 3 different recipes to create fermented products you can take home and enjoy. $20 per person includes all materials.

I will also be including this segment as part of the group programs I will be offering this fall with Master Herbalist Julie Formby.

My current selection of fabulous ferments

My current selection of fabulous ferments

“Too Hot To Cook” A girls night out dinner  (or lunch). Includes a short talk on eating for energy and health, vegetarian main dish, salad, and dessert smoothie, as well as recipes to make these foods at home easily without using your oven! Gluten and dairy free options. This was a really fun event! The really hot part of the summer is coming to an end, but we would be happy to do a similar presentation in any season!

The perfect blend: my chocolate green smoothie

The perfect blend: my chocolate green smoothie

To Register or for more information, email me at


I am currently offering both individual and group programs for health coaching. These programs are somewhat fluid, as I seek to match my offering to your need and budget.

6 Month Program- Includes 2 one-on-one sessions with me each month for 6 months (12 sessions total), 50 minutes each session, session notes and informative handouts, extra opportunities such as cooking classes and workshops, giveaways such as recipes and books.

2 Month Program- Similar to the 6 month program, this includes 4 one-on-one sessions, 50 minutes each, session notes and informative handouts, and giveaways.

Single Sessions- This will give you a taste of health coaching, and can be very helpful. This may be a good option for you if you have a limited budget, unpredictable schedule, or if you are not sure health coaching is right for you but want to give it a try.

Combined Programs with Master Herbalist Julie Formby- Julie offers more specific direction for nutritional support through Chinese Face, Tongue, and Nail Assessment, urine tests, bio-feedback scans, and other means. We offer 6 month, 2 month, and single session programs, as well.

Julie Formby and Mollie Walker Freeman

Julie Formby and Mollie Walker Freeman

Group Programs- Includes meeting 2x per month by phone, for 50 minutes as a group of 4-10 people, informative handouts via e-mail, invitations to events such as cooking classes and workshops for the client and a friend. May include meeting in person up to 3 times, depending on location of clients. Priced at half of one-on-one program amount.

The beauty of working by phone is that location is not an issue! Just call in at the time of your session. This option is available for either group or individual programs. We can also speak via google video chat or Skype.

To register for any health coaching program or for more information, e-mail me at

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