Thanks, Mustard Seed Budget, for pointing me to this page. So silly of me to have overlooked it. I am a fine artist (painter, mostly) turned health coach. I am currently enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the foremost nutrition school in the world. The school is fantastic! However, I have not actually visited it in person, as it is in Manhattan, & I am in Colorado. (All of my course work is online.)

I am not giving up painting; I am adding another facet to my career. Nutrition is something I’ve always thought (okay, obsessed) about. Not in a bad way. I just think it’s really interesting to learn about food, our amazing bodies, and what makes us healthy.

At some point, I figured out that many unhealthy people don’t actually want advise & don’t want to make changes. Some do want to change, but feel stuck. So, happily, a big part of my training is to learn how to actually help people who want to become healthier, and probably know a lot about what they should be doing, but are not, for whatever reason, doing it. I hope to empower people to live well, partly by knowing enough to help them so that, if they don’t want to, they don’t have to spend all their time obsessing about nutrition.

Mollie, 2008

Mollie, 2008

We are all at different points in our health journeys. I hope that wherever you are, you can find something that helps or inspires you here. I love that what makes us truly healthy isn’t just the foods we eat!

If you want a health coach, click here for more information about my practice,

LifeSong Nutrition.


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  2. where do i look for your husband’s blog?

  3. Thank you for following FIGHTER FAITH. I look forward to exchanging posts! -Jason


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