Maybe You CAN Have A Perfect Body

Yes, I’m talking to you! What do you think it would it take to get you there? Lots of exercise? A great detox program? A diet? Yoga? May I suggest, perhaps, a paradigm shift, instead? I have said many times, “My husband is not perfect, but he’s perfect for me.” By that I mean, of course, that Scott does not belong on a pedestal, but I really like having him at my side. He helps me do life in a creative, responsible, and fun way. And, there’s no one else I’d prefer. It’s a bit like that with my body.


Now that I am half a century in age, I appreciate the things my body does well, even as I watch it age. I am no longer able to binge and then go on some radical diet (like eating only saltines and grapefruit for a week). When I work out too intensely, I could be sore for a week. When I actually injure myself, what once may have taken a couple of weeks to heal may take a year. Then there’s my skin. It’s not so youthful as it once was. Fortunately, my vision isn’t as sharp, either.

Maybe what we’re really after is more like making peace with our physical selves, and supporting healing where necessary. Perhaps you have some sort of chronic condition. It’s important to note that lots of folks have been told that they would have certain symptoms or conditions for the rest of their lives, or even that they would decline with age, only to find that when they took much better care of themselves, they improved drastically or healed completely. It’s also true that some people have set out to heal themselves through nutrition or “alternative” therapies, and have not had the improvements for which they had hoped.

Quite a few years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called “fibromyalgia.” There were days when I could barely get out of bed. I was also having all sorts of digestive woes, scary heart symptoms, and hypoglycemia. On top of all that, I had 5 small kiddos at home with me every day. I was told that I should take medication, that I would be taking increasing amounts of this medication as I aged, and that I would continue to lose mobility until I died, though my life expectancy may be “normal.”


I did a lot to change my situation over time. Now, I don’t really know if I actually have fibromyalgia at all. (More to come soon about this condition and other autoimmune disorders.) I do feel a little sore at times, but mostly, I think I feel pretty terrific for a 50 year old. I am so thankful for the improvements I have enjoyed that I find no time to worry about how much I may dislike any body part or physical attribute. It’s true that I’ve traded acne for a few wrinkles. This does not bother me too much.

I’m choosing to be very thankful for all the things my body does for me, does exactly according to its design. I’ve never been naturally athletic or coordinated, but muscle memory and countless exercise, yoga, and dance classes have trained my body to be stronger, more flexible, and miraculously, more graceful. When I was younger, I got sick 6 or more times every year. Now, I rarely get even a cold. In fact, during the past 3 years, I’ve had only 2 colds, and they were separated by only a few days.

upside down girls

So, what about you? Perhaps your body is doing miraculous things every day.  Maybe you will feel marvel if you simply begin to pay careful attention to all the things that are being perfectly executed in your body, day in and day out. While your body may not be perfect, perhaps you’ll find it seems pretty perfect to house your soul for your time on this planet. If not, perhaps there are ways you can support your physical strengthening or healing. And, a health coach can help. Please contact me if you are looking for one!


  1. Pat

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia quite a few years ago. I declined the medication and tried various nutritional changes. it wasn’t until three years ago I read about gluten intolerance and noted the symptoms listed were exactly me. So I tried the elimination diet and virtually all the symptoms melted away!! So I eat gluten free and am careful about too much dairy, and have no fibromyalgia, just a few minor age-related things. 🙂

    • Wow Pat! That’s fantastic! Similar to my own experience, except that I had so many different thing going on that I could not pin down exactly what was a result of what. Definitely, I feel really good now, and eating gluten-free is a big part of my routine. So happy to hear of your journey to better health – thanks for your comment!

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