Winter Is Really Here

It’s been a good year, in many ways. Weather inspires me, probably because I live in Colorado where the weather is pleasant so much of the time. Our summer was not terribly hot, autumn was temperate and full of colorful leaves (and yes, a big flood, which was scary and messy.) Now, it’s snowing and cold. This is not the first snow of the year, but the earlier one was rather light, and it wasn’t too cold. The green plants didn’t even all die. I was still eating lettuce, parsley and beets from my summer garden last week. So, maybe that snow didn’t count…


Thanksgiving was late this year, so my daughter was especially eager to begin the official Christmas season the very next day. We’ve had a lot going on around our house, but still, decorations are appearing. More show up every afternoon around 3:30, when school lets out. It’s really nice to have a teenager around who likes helping with such things. It can feel overwhelming to be the sole decorator and yet be laden with negative feedback when the home does not feel festive enough.

Renee has been making salt dough ornaments.

Renee has been making salt dough ornaments.

This weekend, I will be painting at a women’s Christmas tea nearby. I will also be participating in the “Christmas In Berthoud” craft and holiday fair. Scott, my husband, will also be painting at a Christmas tea, for another group of ladies, in a different location. Just to be sure the week holds enough activity, my daughter’s holiday choir concert was last night. Hanukkah season is also upon us, intersecting with Thanksgiving in a way that reportedly will not happen again for tens of thousands of years.

A heavy snow would once pushed me right over the proverbial edge. I’m not claiming to be 100% free of stress right now, but I’m not cursing the white stuff or the temperature today. I made a decision years ago which I have never wanted to revoke. It’s a choice that has helped me remain much more cheerful. I decided never to complain about the weather. I don’t make the weather, can’t change it, and neither can you, as far as I know. I am thankful for the sun, the rain, the wind, and the very variety in it all. Scott & I chose to live where we are, and I will not complain about one of the most distinctive features of Colorado.

In fact, the choice not to complain about the weather has inspired me to expand the concept and give up complaining altogether. Okay, the truth is that I realized years ago that I should do this, and I’ve failed, mostly. However, as I walked my dogs in the crisp morning air today, and reflected that I have been much happier for my acceptance of the seasons, I thought that I’d renew my intention to be satisfied and content, even while I know there will always be things to complain about.

Bags of home-made gluten-free granola waiting to be sold this weekend

Bags of home-made gluten-free granola waiting to be sold this weekend

If you are in Berthoud, Colorado this Friday evening or Saturday, stop by Grace Place on Mountain and see me! I’ll be doing mini-consultations and selling my famous home-made gluten-free granola, as well as an allergy-friendly cookbook, which will soon be available through this site.


  1. Cheri Arnold

    Mollie, I truly enjoy reading your blogs and this one (December 4th’s) really hits home with me, you put to words what I have been wrestling with; I choose to embrace (having gratitude) the change in seasons (seasons of life too).

    • Cheri, thank you so much. It’s always so good to hear from you. I’m really enjoying this season of life, for the most part. Then, I found myself crying at a school function of my daughter’s, realizing it’s almost over (she is a junior, and she’s the last kiddo in our family to graduate high school.) I’m looking forward to the next season, but without an eternal home, it would all seem pretty empty. Have a lovely holiday season!

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