To Tell The Truth: Gratitude

Thankfulness is a good thing for so many reasons. Have you been seeing “gratitude lists” on Facebook? Sometimes, it just does my heart good to read what a friend is thankful for. But, it’s also good for my friend, the one who is expressing thanks. In keeping with the season, I was thinking about the topic, and why it’s such a healing thing to express thanks. One thing that I keep coming back to is that it’s a way of telling the truth.

My husband & daughter digging the hole for our traditional "Terra Turkey" last Thanksgiving

My husband & daughter digging the hole for our traditional “Terra Turkey” last Thanksgiving

It seems like when I was growing up, truth was looked upon as objective, more often than not. Granted, I had a rather small circle of friends and family. Maybe lots of folks were leaning toward a different perspective even then. In any case, the current trend is that truth is perceived more often as relative or subjective. We could debate this, and I’d have to admit that I could appear to be “on the fence.” After all, I’m always talking about the idea that what “is true” for you, from a health standpoint, is not necessarily “true” for everyone. It’s this idea of bio-chemical individuality, and I stand by it. Everyone’s make-up and life experience create unique expression and invite individual protocols for health and healing. That is why I never say things like, “This diet is the best for everyone.”

Mountains & family - I'm thankful for both!

Mountains & family – I’m thankful for both!

The truth about gratitude is different, precisely because it is true for each of us. Everything I have, and everything good about my life, is connected to someone else – either another person or group of people, or my Creator. I did not give myself the abilities and talents I possess, though I have worked to develop them. I do not create the weather or the mountains, two things from which I derive much enjoyment. My friends do not have to treat me with kindness and generosity, so I am thankful when they do. The truth is, I am not alone in any of my successes or pleasures, even if it’s just me and God.

In the world of wellness, we talk about “alignment.” I’m not talking about some totally abstract, New-Agey idea. I’m talking about having the various facets of myself “lined up.” The goal is that nothing in my life is out of character or contrary to what I’m really about, and that the purposes into which I pour my energy and time support my actual goals, instead of being scattered. A big part of alignment is honesty (telling the truth about my self and what I know of the world.)


So, thank you! Thanks for being a part of my world by showing up to read this post. Without you, I’d just be talking to myself, and that’s not really any fun.


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