A Change In The Weather

Seasonal eating is fun! Watermelon in summer, pumpkin in fall, leafy greens in spring – just seems natural, don’t you think? It’s fun partly because most of us don’t even think about having a nice hot cup of peppermint cocoa in July, so by the time the holiday season rolls around, it really seems like a treat.

You may feel even better about the seasonal foods you enjoy when you hear that it’s also a healthier and more affordable way to eat. And, when you look at the bigger picture, it’s also great for our local economies if we work in lots of fresh foods that are in season close to home.

Jake's is famous for pumpkins

Jake’s is famous for pumpkins

Not far from where I live, a very visible piece of land is a well-known (locally) spot to purchase home-grown produce during nearly any time of year. Bigger than a garden, smaller than a farm, Jake has been around for many years, selling produce for neighborly prices. You know when your food comes from Jake, it’s really fresh, and not old. That means it is probably full of plenty of good micro-nutrients and trace minerals, and it hasn’t been sitting in a truck for days or in a warehouse for weeks. Nor has lots of cash gone to the transportation of these beautiful veggies and fruits.

There is a philosophy that teaches the benefits of learning to live in harmony with the seasons. It is called “Ayurveda,” and it’s been around a lot longer than Jake. The word itself means “life truth.” Though ayurveda hails from the east, the teachings actually align rather nicely with my own Biblical faith. The belief in an intelligent designer of all things behooves acknowledgement of the wisdom of the seasons, which can be no invention of human beings.


A greater Wisdom has landed us on an earth that brings forth all sorts of wonderful plants, given as a primary source of food for all. Plants naturally participate in the natural cycles of the earth – day, night, seasons – and we do, also. However, we seem to be disconnecting in ways that are new – working and eating at night, shipping foods long distances, eating cold foods in cold weather, hot foods in summer.

There is a lot more to ayurveda than eating seasonally, and I’m not saying that this is the absolute best philosophy that has all the answers. On a basic level, what I know of it makes sense. To learn more about ayurveda from Dr. Oz, click here. You may have seen me refer to Dr. John Douillard in this blog. He is an expert in the field and has many helpful articles on his website. Click here to see.

Photo by Lee Freeman

Photo by Lee Freeman

Lots of other folks promote the wisdom of seasonal eating, without stated affiliation to ayurveda. Among those, I love the website of Jenny’s Nourished Kitchen. Emphasizing traditional eating, this is a full-service website offering lovely photos, recipes, great articles and more. Click here to visit Jenny.

Another proponent of traditional and seasonal eating is Sally Fallon Morell, who heads up the Weston A. Price Foundation. She has long been a hero of mine, and I had the pleasure of hearing her speak last year. Click here to visit their page.

I often have clients protest, “eating healthy is so expensive!” I am happy to report that it need not be so! In the coming months, I hope to be pointing out numerous ways in which you can save money, both in the short term and over the years, by making much healthier food choices. Seasonal eating is a delicious way to start!

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