Dietary Theories And Metabolic Type

A few months ago, I wrote a post called, “Help! Which Dietary Theory Is Right?” (You can review that post by clicking here.) Since then, we have looked at several popular theories, including “Paleo” and veganism. I am not trying to be wishy-washy when I say that each theory we’ve considered has merit. But, how can I say that there are great things about 2 or 3 theories that seem completely opposed to each other?


We have also discussed the concept of “bio-individuality,” which proposes something which we instinctively know, I think. We are all unique!

One very important aspect of our physical uniqueness is this business of metabolic type. Have you noticed that some people swear by a paleo diet, telling the whole world that everyone should eat this way because they feel so amazingly fantastic? Yet, you may be one of the people who have had limited success with a paleo plan. Perhaps you tried the diet and felt lethargic or hungry. I have singled out paleo, but the same can be said of the blood type diet, South Beach, macrobiotic, or vegan diets. Even vegetable juice fasting is extremely effective for some while it fails for others.

What you will need

How in the world, without almost endless trial and error, can you figure out what you should try? My suggestion is that you first take a metabolic type test. There are several on the internet. Click here to take an online quiz from Dr.Oz. Here is another online quiz I liked. There are some ads you can easily avoid, but otherwise, it’s good. Click here to check out this quiz from ProProfs.

"Kentucky Fried Freedom"

Once you know your metabolic type, you can choose an eating style that will really support your body. I cannot overemphasize how important this is! If you are a “carb” type, you will not do well with paleo; if you are a “protein” type, you will feel miserable as a vegan. There are some other, more subtle considerations in choosing a dietary plan for yourself. And, then there’s the question of what to do if your family members have different metabolic types. In the coming weeks, I will be exploring some of these topics here on this blog. For now, I will tell you that this is one of the things I help my clients do: make it work for them and their families. After all, who wants to prepare 3 or 4 different meals every time you eat?


So, here is your homework: learn what metabolic type you are! And since I’m a health geek and such things fascinate me, feel free to message me with your results. More to come…


  1. I found this fascinating! I did the quiz – tho I disliked the last question because they were all problems. Point blank – I like healthy eating and this explained why my husband and I eat so differently.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Sue! Yes, sometimes the questions don’t really apply. I have taken several of these tests, and they always come out the same for me, which indicates that I’m on the right track, I think. Anyway, it rings true for me (I am a mixed type.) Really helps me when I get a little off balance, to get back on track. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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