Organic Veggies And Fruit On My Doorstep!

Your time is a valuable thing, is it not? My time is so valuable that I have decided to spend less of it doing things I don’t especially enjoy, such as grocery shopping. For several months now, I’ve been getting a nice amount of fresh, organic produce and also some meat from a local delivery service, Green Buffalo. This time of year, nearly everything I order is locally grown, and spectacularly delicious! Even back in the winter, some items were local, and all were much better quality than what I usually see in a “regular” store.

Every 2 weeks, the box arrives!

Every 2 weeks, the box arrives!

I know what you’re thinking: “It must cost a fortune!” Well actually, NO. If it did, I would not be able to do it! I bought this box of lovely food for just over $30. It included 9 organic produce items and a pound of locally raised grass-fed ground beef! That averages out to just over $3.00 per item, if you include the meat. And just look at how awesome this stuff is!

I do grow food in my own garden. However, I work very hard and still have to supplement most of the year in order to feed my family and myself. Anyway, I do not currently have a peach tree that is old enough to produce peaches. I do not have a lemon tree. It’s been too hot to really grow lettuce, though I do grow it in early summer and fall. I forgot to plant a second round of kale, and have not had much success with kale this year. I have so much crook-neck squash that I’m getting pretty tired of it, so I was wanting some patty pan squash. The baby carrots were a request from my daughter for her lunches (to take to school.) My tomatoes, and those of my neighbors, have some sort of blight. We can salvage a few, but now I can have fabulous heirloom tomatoes this week! And the purple beans are just fun. I’m sure they will taste great, too.


Our family also purchases dairy products from a local dairy, Morning Fresh, which also delivers. They use glass 1/2 gallon jars, which they pick up, wash, and re-use. I have been to the dairy myself, and I trust the folks who bring my milk, knowing that they set very high standards for themselves. They observe even more strict standards for their operations than what is necessary to be certified organic. They are not certified because they would have to pass on the expense to us, their customers.

If you have local delivery of great food available to you, check it out. Maybe you can support your local economy while purchasing the very best food you can find.

Beautiful! I will enjoy every bite.

Beautiful! I will enjoy every bite.



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