A Great Little Restaurant: Tasty Harmony

I’ve been hearing about Tasty Harmony restaurant in Ft.Collins lately. Recently, my son, Lee, had a birthday, so we decided that was a fine reason to celebrate with lunch at this new restaurant. It’s located at 130 S. Mason, in the same block as Everyday Joe’s, a beloved coffee shop.

Tasty Harmony's front window

Tasty Harmony’s front window

Here’s what the website says,

“Tasty Harmony is committed to provide our community with healthy organic plant based cuisine. Most of our food is vegan and most of our desserts are wheat free and sugarcane free.

Though we may not be able to always use 100% certified organic ingredients due to
unavailability or cost effectiveness, we will always strive to bring you the best
that nature has to offer in a creative and tasty way.”


It’s not easy to find a place like this! I had a plate of raw falafil & hummus with some raw sesame crackers that was spectacular. We all ate vegetables galore. Lee had something called “Kentucky Fried Freedom,” which included mashed potatoes & gravy, and some sort of battered & fried stuff that tasted like chicken, according to Lee. He liked his lunch very much, except for the steamed greens. He invited the rest of us to taste them. They did have a strong flavor, but not bad, really. I would have finished them off for him if I had not been so full from my own yummy dish.

"Kentucky Fried Freedom"

“Kentucky Fried Freedom”

We were also inspired to go to Tasty Harmony due to a new development for Lee & his wife, Amy.  During lunch, Amy told us about the reading and exploring she’s been doing during the past few months. She’s been finding out about our food supply, and learning about factory farms, and alternative ways of eating. Good for her! She & Lee have been eating more vegetarian foods as well as learning to incorporate more vegetables and healthier options. They’re not sure where they’ll ultimately end up on the spectrum– vegetarian, vegan, paloe, or their own mix & match eating plan.


Whatever conclusions they finally reach, I fully support them because they are taking responsibility for their health, as well as learning about their role in their community and world with regard to their food choices. They are also learning about listening to their own bodies and eating consciously. Since Lee & Amy are in their early 20’s, they have the opportunity to reap the rewards of these choices for many years to come!


After we ate lunch, we stopped by Whole Foods, since it was right on our way home. Lee snapped a couple of photos of me and remarked that I was “in my element.” Sure enough.

I had a wonderful time at Tasty Harmony, and I’ll definitely go back. The food was awesome, the service quick & friendly. If you’ve found a good natural food restaurant in your area, or anywhere, really, I’d love to know about it!

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