A Little Help From My Friends (A Guest Post)

It is rare that I (Mollie’s daughter, Sierra, guest blogger for the day) wake up on any day of the week and announce, “I have nothing to do today!” But on this Saturday, I have a little respite: the day after throwing a bridal shower and before leaving town.

Sierra in Lisbon

Sierra (In Portugal)

When I made my declaration, my mother said, “Do you wanna write my blog for me?”  She had just finished telling me that she has wanted to participate in a local garden tour for the last several years, but has never had the chance (and today was looking like no exception).  I don’t think she was serious when she asked me if I wanted to write her blog, but here I am! Why not? The only condition was that I had to bring it back to health, so let’s get that out of the way…

Since I was in high school, I have struggled with the very unhealthy habit of over-commitment; I call it PPS (Passionate Person Syndrome). Everything sounds fun to me or like it would grow me as a person or give a me unique experience, so I tend to take on too much. There are those people though, who seem to do everything to the fullest without ever tiring and I can think of two in particular, common friends of my mother and me, Kristin & Melissa.  These women are incredible! They are everywhere, they raise families, they are healthy and fit; the amount that they accomplish in a day is unreal.  And they never seem tired.

In relation to both the bridal shower and this morning, I think I discovered the secret of the women that I know to be most productive: asking for help. As a kid, my dear friend, Grace, would always say, “It doesn’t cost money to ask.” Asking-specifically asking for help-is a powerful thing.

At the end of the night when everyone was leaving the bridal shower, I received many generous compliments about the event. Maybe that’s just etiquette because everyone knows how much pressure there can be when you’re a hostess. Yet, I feel that it truly was a success! Props to me, right? Wrong! Props to all the women who helped.

Bridal Pictionary

Bridal Pictionary

I did not mean to delegate so much; but by the time both sides of the family, the other brides maids, one of those stunningly productive women, and my mom offered their services, I was full of ideas, emotional support, and the dinner and location were taken care of.  I work full time. It would have been impossible to make all this happen on my own! I relied on the services, finances, creativity, and wisdom of eight other ladies to make this event a success.

There is an important lesson here to be learned from my the success of the shower, the brief conversation with my mother this morning, and those ultra-productive, never-tiring women friends (Kristin & Melissa).  If two heads are better than one and many hands make light work, then we should take advantage of our friends (come on, you know what I mean).

Every time I am at either Kristin or Melissa’s home, there are always small favors being asked of me, such as: Will you watch the kids for a minute? Can you stir the soup? Will you grab that bottle of sunscreen? I love those kids, I’d be happy to stir the soup, and yes, I can bring that bottle of sunscreen. And it made her life that much easier. True, sometimes they ask bigger favors of me. But, guess what? I just hosted a bridal shower at Melissa’s house and I will take up residence in Kristin’s home (for a few months) this fall.

I think you get the point. We all have certain things we can offer and we all need help. The trick is being humble and strong enough to ask for it.


  1. so true ..humble -& strong enough to ask…

    • Thanks for reading, Kathy! I hope you and Joe are doing well, enjoying summer.

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