Father’s Day

There are 2 fathers who are most important in my little world. The first is, of course, my father. Sometimes when he and my brother and I are all together, I marvel at the way our hands look the same, the way my brother’s mannerisms echo my father’s, and wonder if mine do, as well. What we inherit from our biological parents is so much more than eye color or hair growth patterns. The other father in my life is the father of my children, my husband, Scott. Looking at photos of him and his dad, and then our sons is a striking example of how people can look so alike and so different at once.

my dad with my kids, a few years ago

my dad with my kids, a few years ago

In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to touch on a couple of topics related to fathers and health. I recently had a follow-up appointment with my friend and colleague, Julie Formby. She has some cool equipment, and she is trained in the use of all sorts of helpful tools, like Chinese face, tongue, and nail assessment. She did a computerized scan of my body a few months ago, and another one this past week. The scan showed that I have really made progress in supporting some of my organs through herbal supplements, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes. As we talked, I realized that I had also been working on overcoming some fears I had, due to losing my mother when she was only 39 years old. I was afraid that whatever genetic weaknesses she had would show up in me, too.

Julie pointed out that I also have my father’s genes, and that my iridology photo (of my eye- learn more by clicking here) had shown that my constitution is actually very strong. So, while I have been working to improve my own health outcome, perhaps my genetic make-up isn’t so weak, either.

Dads, here’s the point: you are SO important! What you do, and how you take care of your body before you help make a baby can affect the lives of your children and their offspring in so many ways. If you’re planning to have children soon, or even if it’s a possibility, I encourage you to think about your eating habits, exercise, possible exposure to toxins, and stress levels.

an old photo of Scott reading to the kids, something he did nearly every day for many years

an old photo of Scott reading to the kids, something he did nearly every day for many years

The good news is that it doesn’t end there, so if you already have kids, don’t despair! Remember the old “nature vs. nurture” debate? Turns out, they’re both important. But wherever you are in the process, it’s likely your kids can benefit from your positive involvement. My dad sometimes mentions his shortcomings as a father. But what I think of most is that, for as long as I can remember, he’s been encouraging me to “go for it.” He had a birthday cake made for me, which he designed himself, for my 16th birthday that had a little rocket ship on it and said “Shoot for the Moon!” He never, ever, treated me as though I should limit myself since I was a female. I think this is remarkable, given the typical biases of past generations.

My husband has similarly led our kids to pursue their dreams and passions. He has also been a playmate, companion, and positive role model (and he eats really healthfully, too!) Sure, it’s true that both my dad and my husband have been imperfect fathers (like every human father). The thing that helps kids the most is love, though, and they have succeeded in this. Is that oversimplified or cliche? I don’t think so. I am so thankful for each of these men in my life!



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