April Icicles

A couple of weeks ago, I took my dogs for a walk the morning after a snow storm. The sun was bright, and there were icicles everywhere, sparkling and dripping. I gave my son, Lee, a call. He has been taking some lovely photos lately, and I know he had some new equipment he’d like to try out.

The result was the following series of photos. As I mention from time to time, beautiful imagery is nourishing to my soul. Art of any kind has the ability to speak to something deeper than words can reach. So, even though this post is not about nutrition, exactly, I thought you might enjoy it, too.

April Icicles 1 April Icicles 2

April Icicles 3 April Icicles 4

April Icicles 6

April Icicles 5 April Icicles 7

Lee is now doing real estate photography, portraits, and special interest. You can contact him at FreemanFrames@Gmail.com.


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