Party! College Roomies & Friends Getting Healthy Together

A few days ago, my lovely daughter & her lovely friends had me & my Master Herbalist co-worker, Julie Formby, over to throw a party. This was a different sort of college party from the ones you normally hear of. Julie did Chinese Face, Tongue, & Nail assessments & iridology. It’s amazing what you can learn from these techniques! She was able to point out some early warning signals to help these young ladies navigate toward improved, rather than compromised health.

Tongues are SO interesting!

Tongues are SO interesting!

Next, I gave a short presentation on eating for optimum wellness & disease prevention. What a fine audience they were! They listened attentively & asked insightful questions. Next, my new friend Brandi Greff helped the ladies apply cool non-toxic nail wraps from Jamberry. We were all impressed by the variety of fun designs available. My younger daughter left with giraffe-print toenails!

Nutri-Blast smoothies are the best!

Nutri-Blast smoothies are the best!

While all of this was going on, we made delicious smoothies in the kitchen, using my favorite appliance, a Nutri-Bullet. I used 2 healthy recipes– cherry/blueberry chocolate & ‘Sunset,” featuring the classic combination of strawberry, banana, & orange. But don’t let the flavors fool you. These smoothies actually contained more vegetables than fruit! With lots of greens, they’re super-charged with micro nutrients. Everyone enjoyed them!

Applying nail wraps

Applying nail wraps

The idea behind all of this was that these women are young enough to really make a life-long difference in the quality of their health, & their lives by learning about how to nourish themselves optimally & make health-supporting lifestyle choices. With an over-abundance of material available on this topic, it’s not easy to know where to start. So Julie & I have narrowed down what we feel are the critical points, & that’s what we presented. We also talked about bio-individuality, and other things that impact our health, such as stress. We looked at some scary statistics about sugar, healthcare costs, and lifestyle illnesses, & all decided that we’d like to avoid serious health issues as much as possible!

We were prepared to hang around for about 2 1/2 hours or so; but the response to the nail wraps was so enthusiastic that more manicures occurred than we had planned. We were there for over 4 hours! Next time, we’ll know to plan our time a little more carefully…

On another note, Colorado is under a foot of snow, even though we are half way through April!

On another note, Colorado is under a foot of snow, even though we are half way through April!

If you are in Northern Colorado, & this sounds like fun to you, send me a message. We can do it again!


  1. Ani Danelz

    This sounds like so much fun! As a college student, I wish my peers were more informed about how healthy choices truly impact our lives long-term. If you’re ever in Iowa City let me know haha

    • Thanks Ani! I have been in Iowa City, but not for years. My dad lives in Sioux City. Glad you’re interested in health–you can really be a role model for your peers, too.

  2. Julie Getty

    It is so good to see the younger generation get into healthy habits!

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