Penny For Your Thoughts, Words, Prayers…

How powerful do you think your thoughts & words are? Strong enough to change someone’s mind? To change their actions? To change your own actions? What about your prayers? Can prayer change the outcome of a situation or move a mountain?

I believe that thoughts & words are pretty powerful, I suppose. For a long time, I’ve had an increasing belief in the power of prayer, because it’s not just about me or you, but an interaction with God. But what if every thought & word was a little bit like a prayer? What if each phrase we think or utter had an actual, physical impact on the atmosphere or environment?


There was a time when such ideas came naturally to me, yet without seeming supernatural, metaphysical, or even strange. Children can sometimes accept ideas that seem impossible, or at least unrealistic as we “mature.” Being of an artistic nature, I suppose I’ve never quite let go of an imagination. And, as I become older, I’m amazed to find myself still amazed. In this incredible world, there are ridiculously cool realities.

One such phenomenon was brought to my attention recently. I had seen these photos before, & somehow forgot about them. In the 1990’s, Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted a series of experiments, testing the effects of thoughts, words, prayers, & music on the crystalline structure of water. I am not a scientist; I am a fine artist. When you see these photos from Dr. Emoto’s experiments, you will see why an artist might be drawn to them. But beyond the beauty of the images, I was inspired to consider the concept of the power of thought; to imagine that words can be demonstrated to have a powerful effect on the structure of water. If this is the effect on water, what about atmosphere? What about beings who mostly consist, physically, of water (like people!)


It strikes me as being a little whimsical of our Creator to design such fun & lovely shapes as crystals. Now, when I think of these pictures, I imagine being able to re-arrange the inward architecture of a friend, or even a stranger, with a kind word or thought. Who knows what good might come of a prayer, with God’s thoughts & actions intersecting ours?

(I do not necessarily embrace all that is posted on this website. I actually have not taken the time to read anything else that is there.)

In my work as a health coach, I encourage clients to consider their thoughts & words. Our hearts, brains, stomachs, and nerves are all connected. Does that seem obvious? Maybe, yet it sometimes seems that we only pay attention to one part of the body at a time. Have you ever been worried and had a stomach ache? Did you know that constipation can cause migraines?

Dr. Daniel Amen has written several fascinating books about our brains, including “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.” He gives quite a bit of insight concerning the power of thoughts and the various effects our thinking can have on our physical bodies. Dr. Amen also explores the effects of food on our brains, & in turn, our thoughts.

The photos in the post are recent icicles in my neighborhood.

The photos in the post are recent icicles in my neighborhood.

The cool thing about all of this is that wherever we start, a positive move will have a positive effect. If you don’t feel like you can start with improving your eating habits, maybe you can start with a good thought, or a prayer. Maybe you can help someone else by speaking a kind word. If that’s not where you are, maybe you can eat some kale and call it good, for now.


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