“Nutritarian” & “GOMBS”– New Vocab For This Wellness Enthusiast

Have I mentioned that I am a student at the world’s foremost nutrition school? Or, the fact that I am privileged to hear from leading experts in the field of wellness & nutrition? I am so excited to be learning from all the folks at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition! I recently heard Dr. Joel Fuhrman speak, & now I’m more inspired than ever.


I had heard of this amazing person before, of course. But, as you may have noticed, the amount of information in the nutrition & wellness community is vast & can be overwhelming; so I did not make a point to go right out & research Dr. Fuhrman as soon as he was recommended. Fortunately, the people at IIN already knew how awesome this guy is, so they asked him to give a presentation about the prevention of cancer (& other diseases) through good nutrition.

What I thought years ago was that we humans should be able to derive all of our nutrition from the foods we eat– it just made sense to me that God would design it to be that way. However, as I learned more about all we have done to our food supply & our soil over the past few generations, I began to doubt whether it would be possible for me to eat food, not supplement my diet, & remain healthy. Well, I wasn’t even fully convinced of the importance of eating lots of fruits & veggies & keeping sugars & processed foods to a minimum, so of course, I was NOT getting the nutrients my body needed.


In my 40’s, I realized I had a condition called “leaky gut,” and had developed several food sensitivities. But, because I love to read about nutrition & health, it was, in some ways, a fun challenge for me to discover a way to heal naturally. I read every book I could find that seemed to offer insight. Eventually, I became discouraged because the pain & suffering I was enduring did not seem, overall, to be improving. Still, no doctor offered me any real hope either, so I had to either press on or give up.

The thing I eventually came to is that I could, in fact, probably heal my heath issues through nutrition; but it wasn’t going to be easy because it did not seem to be only one thing that was bothering me. I’ve heard many people say, “If you’re standing on 5 tacks & you remove 4, it still hurts.” That’s what I was up against. But over time, I learned a ton, & I am now healthier that I’ve ever been as I approach my 50th birthday, thanks to great nutrition!


Hopefully, you can avoid things getting as bad as they got for me. But if you are already struggling with health issues or food sensitivities, perhaps Dr. Fuhrman’s book, Super Immunity,” will inspire & help you. The bottom line (if I’m understanding correctly) is that if we, as a society, want to reclaim health & vitality, we have to go beyond avoiding “bad” foods, & start really richly nourishing ourselves through choosing the most nutritious combination of foods we can manage. 


“GOMBS” are what we should eat, according to Dr.Fuhrman. Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Beans & Berries, & Seeds & Nuts are GOMBS. A person who eats nutritionally dense foods such as these are “Nutritarians,” as I understand it. And, if you want to find these amazing foods, the ANDI rating system used by Whole Foods Market can help you. This system was designed by Dr. Fuhrman to help people evaluate the nutritional value of foods easily– the higher the number, the more nutrition relative to the amount of calories. Again, this is what I understand all of this to mean; to be sure, check out Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s website & books for yourself. Have fun!


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