7 Favorite Superfoods & Why You Should Eat Them

I’m going to jump on the superfood bandwagon, simply because I love these foods so much. I know I know! There are a million articles & lists of superfoods already. Never one to be much of a follower, I have my own list. Some of these items will be on everyone else’s lists, of course; but perhaps you’ll find something different or interesting. At the very least, maybe seeing these foods on a list once more will convince someone of their outstanding value.

Greens should be on every superfood list!

Greens should be on every superfood list!

But really, how good can they be? Even if blueberries are high in antioxidants–is it such a big deal? My reasons for eating nutritionally dense foods have to do with my fundamental understanding of health. I believe that foods, not vitamin supplements or other isolated nutrients, provide ideal nourishment for human beings. However, we’ve lost a great deal due to poor soil conditions, environmental issues, & food processing. Our food, on the whole, is not as nourishing as it should be. Also, we are bombarded with toxins & stresses that increase our nutritional needs.

So while I do advocate the use of supplements on occasion, here are the top 7 foods I try to include in my own diet, & recommend to my clients, as well.

This time of year, frozen cherries are an option.

This time of year, frozen cherries are an option.

1) Cherries & Berries– Go with organic to avoid heavy pesticide residues.

2) Greens– Organic is best here, too. Rotate varieties for the most benefit. Eat lots!

3) Nuts & Seeds– Never met one I didn’t love. Raw, soak in lightly salted water (12 hours) & dehydrate to avoid anti-nutrient phytic acid.

Nuts & Seeds- I'm not including peanuts here. If you do eat peanuts, avoid GM by using organic.

Nuts & Seeds- I’m not including peanuts here. If you do eat peanuts, avoid GM by using organic.

4) Animal Products– locally raised in natural & responsible fashion by folks you get to know. There’s a lot to know about this category. Check out Weston A. Price on the internet to learn more. Also, Nina Planck has a lot of good material. http://www.ninaplanck.com/

Eggs are so pretty.

Eggs are so pretty.

5) Ocean Foods– There is real concern about mercury, so be cautious. Still, some fish, seaweeds, & ocean vegetables are loaded with flavor, healthy fats, minerals, & general goodness.

6) Bone Broth– a natural source of glucosamine  & more, this is a good way to get the most out of your meat & also use up veggie & herb scraps. See yournewvitality.com/index.php/blog and go to the November 2012 article “What Causes Kidney Stones?” for broth instructions.

7) Ferments (Cultured Fruits & Veggies)– The queen of superfoods, in my opinion! Culturing multiplies nutrients & flavors while infusing these foods with beneficial bacteria. I am so convinced of the healing properties of these foods that I am teaching people how to make them myself! Contact me if you’re interested in my culturing classes…

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