The Delicious Smell Drew a Crowd…

This time it was different, in the best way. Women were drawn to our table, that is, to the table for those of us with food sensitivities, & were actually disappointed to learn the food was not for them!

Preparing the food...

Preparing the food…

In case you’re lost, see my previous post. I served free-range chicken (in the crock pot), quinoa, steamed broccoli, salad greens, avocados & other individual salad veggies, cashews, lemon tanini sauce, sour cream, preserved lemons, olive oil & vinegar, & Endangered Species bite-sized chocolate bars. DSCN4617

It was a fun day, & I had the delightful opportunity of meeting some cool ladies who are at various stages of trying to deal with food issues. I plan to set up a workshop/cooking class at the same location, soon.

Allergy-free deliciousness!

Allergy-free deliciousness!

But the best part of this venture was the smiles & deep gratitude on the faces of the ones I was able to serve. They expressed surprise & appreciation for the unusual occasion, actually preferring the food that was prepared for them. What an honor to be with these great women and to make a difference for the better!

Friends who are happy to have a great lunch

Friends who are happy to have a great lunch


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