A Visual Aid That Has Me Stunned

Here I go  again, ranting about sugar. But instead of repeating all that I know about sugar being implicated in obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, & virtually every major illness in our country, I wanted to show you a bit of what I saw recently. Being a highly visual person, this had a big impact on me, & it was helpful to a few other folks to whom I showed it.

Turns out, the best-selling author, Jorge Cruise, is soon to come out with a new movie, “Death By Sugar.” I had the privilege of viewing a bit of this, & being a health nerd, I’m pretty excited to see it when it is released.

I wish I could share the actual footage with you; but since I have an art degree, I decided to make a couple of pictures to try to show what I saw in the clip from the movie.

Here's my interpretation of healthy blood cells

Here’s my interpretation of healthy blood cells

The first picture shows blood cells, viewed from a high-powered microscope. The blood was drawn from someone who had been, for some time, consuming 15 grams or less of sugar per day (precious little!) The second image is my representation of the blood of the same person later that day, about 20 minutes after consuming around 200 grams of sugar– a banana, some soda, a couple of Pop Tarts, some fruit flavored yogurt– I don’t know the exact quantities.

In the first picture, the blood cells are healthy & separate, and the attending doctor in the movie clip assures us that the blood is functioning well, delivering energy to the cells of the body.

My representation of sugary blood cells. What I hope you see is how different these are!

My representation of sugary blood cells. What I hope you see is how different these are!

Later, it is as though the blood cells are stuck together with “duct tape,” the doctor remarks, with mutated “needle-like projections that look like cracked glass.”  I hope this concept is not entirely lost in translation here. The man in the movie says he is “shocked” by seeing his blood under the microscope, and that is how I felt! The doctor also makes a point to say that the blood is no longer capable of functioning properly & delivering energy to cells.

The thing to remember here is that every part of our bodies is affected by what we put into our mouths, sometimes immediately. This is really good news! It means that we can also affect our health for the better, every time we choose something nourishing. Of course, it’s more complicated than that. But having a picture in my mind of what’s going on can be motivating to me. I hope it helps you, too.



  1. great review, I can’t wait to see it !

  2. That was very fascinating, I know white sugar is bad for us, I really stay away from it, my question is how do you feel about stevia? I put that on my cereal. I value your opinion also someone is trying to get me to take protandim…how do you feel about that supplement? It’s that supplement that is supposed to make our cells healthy again.

    • Thanks for reading Chris; I always like hearing from you. I also use a little bit of stevia, as it is a natural herbal sweetener. Some studies do show dangers in using too many sugar substitutes & natural sweeteners, not because they are “bad,” but because of the reaction of the body. They can tend to encourage sweet cravings, which are better controlled through balanced diet. Sometimes, supplements can be used to curb cravings effectively, such as recommended by Julia Ross in “The Diet Cure.” Which leads me to your other question. I generally encourage people to eat very nutritious whole foods primarily, and to occasionally supplement for specific therapeutic purposes. There are herbal supplements that can be very effective, and some of those can be found in Protandim. However, I am wary of recommending such a potent blend. I do not personally know enough about it, and actually, I doubt whether anyone else knows enough to satisfy me. The studies I looked at were mostly done on rats, mice, & in test tubes. The couple of small human studies I saw were conducted & reported in ways that seemed inconclusive to me. If you really want to pursue it, I’d say perhaps you could send off an inquiry to Dr. John Douillard at LifeSpa.com. He knows much more about herbal supplements than I do, & I would also trust the products he sells over the company that makes Protandim, not because it is a bad company, but because I do not know enough about them. Please let me know if you find out anything more solid! Thanks, Mollie

      • Thanks for the info, if I find out anything concrete for humans I will let you know. I told the person that I would have to do my own research before I trust being a human guinea pig. Have a great day

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