How to Make My Favorite Smoothies

When my kiddos were little, a friend invited us over for lunch. Being from Texas, she asked us, “Do y’all like smoothies?” to which I responded, “What are smoothies?”

My, how things change! Several year ago, when I got serious about getting gluten out of my diet, smoothies became the cornerstone of my daily menu. Now, hardly a day goes by that I don’t consume a delicious concoction of fruits, veggies, & all sorts of salubrious goodies.

My new Nutri-Bullet, some smoothie ingredients, & "smoothie cubes"

My new Nutri-Bullet, some smoothie ingredients, & “smoothie cubes”

As I mentioned the other day, my hubby, Scott, gave me a Nutri-Bullet for Christmas. I have gone through 3 Magic Bullets in about 6 years, and I do like them very much for making smoothies. However, the Nutri-Bullet is a little different– more powerful, & designed specifically for making highly nutritious smoothies. Part of what this little machine is made to do is to incorporate large amounts of leafy greens into tasty recipes. This is a way to get good phyto-nutrients into your diet without feeling as much like a rabbit.

Also, these Nutri-Bullet smoothies are faster to make, because the machine is designed to be able to grind seeds of many kinds, so one doesn’t need to spend a lot of time preparing the foods for use.  (You have to avoid poisonous ones, such as apple seeds. There are warnings about this in the user’s manual.) The claim is that these seeds are good for us to eat.

So, to make a really yummy drink, I begin with a nice handful of greens– lettuces are a good starter. Choose richly colored ones–my favorite is mache. Kale & beet greens work well, too, unless the slight taste spoils it for you. I then sometimes add a little cucumber or celery; but not often this time of year, as they aren’t in season, & it’s not easy to find good ones. Now the fruit: apples & pears are still available from the fall. I’ll use 1/4 to 1/2. Oranges & “cuties” are in season, though not in Colorado; I’ll often add one to my drink. At this point, I’ll put in something frozen: blueberries, other berries, or “smoothie cubes.”

Greens, berries, nuts & seeds...& lots of flavor

Greens, berries, nuts & seeds…& lots of flavor

If I have produce that’s really ripe, & I can see that I won’t be able to use it before it goes bad, I will make smoothie cubes. I put said produce in a blender or Magic Bullet, usually with some yogurt or home-made almond milk, or perhaps a little coconut milk. Often I throw in some greens that are “on their way out.” The resulting mixture is then poured into ice cube trays, covered with waxed paper, & frozen, to be added to smoothies later. These are especially great in winter when seasonal produce is harder to find.

The final stage of smoothie building consists of adding super-nutritious stuff like maca, olive, coconut or almond oil, nuts & seeds like chia or flax. If I don’t use a particularly sweet fruit, I’ll put in a little pure maple syrup or raw honey (not too much!) I also may add cocoa & coffee. Then comes the liquid. I’ll use some water, & top it off with either home-made almond milk or kombucha, depending on what other flavors I have going.

My daughter wasn't a big fan of fruits or veggies when she was little, so I got her started with smoothies. I slipped all kinds of good things in! As you can see, she still loves smoothies.

My daughter wasn’t a big fan of fruits or veggies when she was little, so I got her started with smoothies. I slipped all kinds of good things in! As you can see, she still loves smoothies.

So there you have it. This is a little more complex than most smoothie how-to’s I’ve seen. However, a guy I like a lot, David Wolfe, makes killer smoothies that are way more extensive than this! Check him out at or There are videos here, & at least one of him actually making a smoothie. I’d invite you to share with me any awesome smoothie ideas you have. Since I drink one every day, I’m always looking for great recipes!


  1. My brother went through a phase where he ate smoothies for breakfast every day! He stuck mostly to fruits like bananas, strawberries, and oranges. But now he likes his green smoothies too!

  2. melissa martine

    I want to come over and have one!

  3. Jill

    Hi, do you have a contact? I have tons of energy and underweight and digestion issues and would love your thoughts on some stuff. Thanks. You can email me if you can/want.

    • Hi Jill, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, these issues you’ve mentioned are exactly the sorts of things I help my clients address. I will e-mail you some information today.

  4. Smoothie is a perfect breakfast, could be prepared difrently every day … At list one healty thing is gooood 😉

  5. This is great! I always recommend smoothies and sometimes recommend juicing for the nutrients, but hate to watch all that fiber go to waste because I don’t have enough recipes to use it with! But smoothies don’t waste fiber and these suggestions were wonderful. Thank you.

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