Wrapping Up 2012

Christmas is over. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “Today is gone, today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.” Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, or some other holiday, I think  it’s a good time to rest & reflect, now that we can all exhale. (This time of year, the traffic alone has me holding my breath!)

The Freeman women, home after watching Les Miserables

The Freeman women, home after watching Les Miserables

Looking over the minimal photos we took at Christmas, I am feeling pretty good about how it all went this year. We all enjoyed time together, & we did something totally different for us: we went to a movie. There are no small children among us now, so this was not difficult to accomplish. Besides, it’s the only time something so epic as Les Miserables has been released on Christmas!

We also enjoyed some really delicious food: beef tenderloin (courtesy of my husband’s aunt), homemade pecan pie made with pure maple syrup instead of corn syrup, homemade pumpkin pie made from pumpkins we grew, asparagus & cremini mushrooms, wine made by a friend…and, yes, chocolate, marzipan form our German friends, toffee, busan burfi,& other sweets!

Our home made cookie tradition: (sometimes ridiculously) decorate & deliver to neighbors

Our home made cookie tradition: (sometimes ridiculously) decorate & deliver to neighbors

My daughter, Sierra, is a senior in college, & has had about the busiest semester of her life. She was doing things like working the 2-6a.m. shift at her job, student teaching by day & taking class in the evenings. She came home full of energy & excited about the holidays, but thinking she may by fighting a cold. Bless her heart, she put up a valiant effort. That is her with the salad she made for herself, exclaiming that it would be loaded with nutrients that would keep sickness away. She came down with the cold the next day. She was not too sick to enjoy Christmas, however.


Scott, my husband, gave me something I have been wanting: a Nutri-Bullet! He advised me months ago that I should not buy one (even though I was super excited to use one), because Christmas would be coming, & someone might be wanting to give me something. I have made myself a “Nutri-Blast” every day since, & one for my daughter, Renee. I really feel this product could change your life! (And they aren’t even paying me to say that!) But then, I am very partial to smoothies to begin with.

Lee, Scott, & Caleb

Lee, Scott, & Caleb

My son, Lee, gave me something so great that I am inspired to do a whole post about it, so I’ll keep you in suspense. Meanwhile, I’ll close by saying that I feel pretty great about 2012, & in particular, about my holiday season. During the year, there were some great challenges, which I survived thanks to help from friends & the grace of God. I am, for now at least, happy & healthy, & very thankful for that. But, as I have stated before, nourishment is about more than just food; health is about more than the condition of the body. It is my spirit which has been so well-nourished by this brief season of rest, family, & celebration. I hope all of you also are well, in every sense of the word, & I wish you a prosperous New Year!

Found object angel ornament Scott made for me several years ago

Found object angel ornament Scott made for me several years ago

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