Do We Know How to Heal?

Everyone is busy, especially now. So I’ve used that as an excuse not to publish a blog for several days longer than usual. Honestly, though, I’ve been putting it off because I feel I cannot go on without addressing the recent Sandy Hook tragedy. I wanted to write about the fact that the holidays are a difficult time for many people. (And I don’t mean just because there are sugary temptations everywhere.)


I remember the first time this reality struck my own life. I was a teenager, and my parents had split up. For the first time, Christmas was weird & uncomfortable. Over the years, my family & friends have had their ups & downs. Sometimes there are illness & death, or the birthday of a lost loved one close to Christmas. Sometimes there are strained relationships, people who are “supposed to” love each other who cannot get along, thrown together every December.

The pain in the aftermath of the shooting is not only confined to mourning, however. There are issues that are tearing America apart; we MUST find ways to address these issues, & I question how it will be possible to move forward in a harmonious way. Why the sudden increase in massive, seemingly random acts of violence? What about gun control? What about the frightening increase in the use of prescription medication, & how is that connected? What role should our government really play in all of this? And, as Anne Graham has pointed out, how can we expect God’s blessing when we have spent decades trying to get Him out of pretty much every public arena, especially schools?

This blog is about health & wellness; but I do not have answers to all of this. I have opinions, of course. But I am less interested in getting my way on every point, & more interested in how to heal our nation, & beyond. A couple of years ago, we hosted a student from Germany. She confirmed to us what we have heard elsewhere: that the whole world is watching America, for better or for worse. With that in mind, my call to those within my hearing would be for integrity.

Mollie & Klara, our German student

Mollie & Klara, our German student

During the election season, I heard & read many hateful outbursts from people & groups supporting opposing causes & candidates. What often struck me about this is that it seemed apparent that most of these people had not taken the time to try to really understand the opposition. They had obtained information about the “other side” only from the perspectives of their own point of view (which was not always accurate.) There often seemed to be no respect shown that a caring & intelligent person might hold another view.

Personally, I have found that when I take the time to listen objectively, I learn something which tempers my emotions, & sometimes I even change my mind.

This time of year has great spiritual significance for many of us. My thought is that this would be a good time for us all to step back, listen carefully, & seek God like never before. (Not necessarily in that order.) I’d love to hear from you, however, please be respectful, in light of the raw & tender feelings we are all experiencing.


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