Janet Schreiner, My Holistic Trainer Friend

“Change is the only enduring constant,” says my friend, Janet Schreiner. Janet is in the midst of her own story, & she has experienced some major change in her  life in recent months. The thing I find the same each time I see her is that Janet remains an inspiring & supportive example of kindness & good health.

Author, personal trainer & holistic weight loss counselor Janet Schreiner

Author, personal trainer & holistic weight loss counselor Janet Schreiner

Years ago, I met Janet, & was surprised to learn that she had overcome a very long struggle with her weight–surprised because she was in such great shape. The culmination of her journey was a career transformation as she became a personal trainer & began helping other women to get in shape & lose weight. But what stands out to me about Janet is her deep understanding & compassion that extend beyond the weight issue. “It isn’t about the pounds you lose, it’s about the person you gain,” she says.

“Becoming: Weight Loss for Women of a Certain Age” is Janet’s new book, which is available on itunes free of charge. Janet speaks of those of us who are at the age when we are caught between responsibilities to our older children & to our aging parents. It can be the most stressful & demanding time in a woman’s life, & a time when we neglect our own health & well-being. Janet is passionate about helping these women.

“Instead of just getting through life, I’d like to help women begin to ask questions. ‘How can I start to prioritize MYSELF, for my own personal health?'” Janet explains that this leads to being able to say “no” to the most stressful situations, & that it is really a way to also be a better caregiver. “Everything in life is a choice, & each choice always costs you something. Sometimes people don’t actually want to lose weight, they just want to feel better. They begin a good exercise program, they feel so much better, and then realize that’s what they really needed. I try to give people what they actually want.”

Meanwhile, Janet has had her own health struggles during the past year. She tells me she is now following Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live” routine, eating gluten-free & unprocessed foods, “mostly plants.” We go on to agree that what works for a person in one season of life does not necessarily work forever, or for another person. (This is also a key principle in my own health coaching program.)

If any of this sounds familiar to you, & you are in need of some support, I encourage you to contact Janet by sending me a message or comment. Or  look up Janet’s book by googling her name & “Becoming,” (the title of her book.) Or, find a great coach or counselor in your neighborhood. We all can use a little help from our friends, right?

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