My 5 Current Favorite Resources

Obsessive people are interesting to me. I am a bit obsessive, my husband, also. And all 5 of our offspring are pleasantly obsessive. Since being enrolled in the #1 nutrition school in the world, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am able to indulge my inner health geek to the full! As I have mentioned before, health is really about a lot more than just food; but for today, I’d like to share with you, dear reader, my current favorite resources related to nutrition & health, (& mostly about food.)

Geeking out with my new favorite websites

1) Dr. John Douillard at It may take a while to learn how to pronounce his name, but listen to his videos & you’ll eventually get it. I found his video & article “Digestive Enzymes– The Hidden Dangers” informative & useful, as well as unique. He has lots of great articles about nutrition & detoxification, & also offers supplements & other materials.

2) Dr. Daniel Amen at You can also google “the Daniel Plan” for more with Dr.Amen. This guy is entertaining and super smart. He’s helped LOTS of people, including Rick Warren & Saddleback Church, get healthy. Dr. Amen is a physician, psychiatrist, author, & brain imaging specialist. Again, you will find helpful & fun videos,  as well as written material.

3) Andrew Wild & his site. This is a fun place to get all sorts of great ideas. Andrew Wild’s campaign, “October Unprocessed” first drew me in; & I plan to stay connected. You can go to this site & view all kinds of guest posts with articles & videos, recipes, etc. Lots of great, colorful photos, too, which always improves a site, for me. Suggestion: go to the site, go to “October Unprocessed Posts,” scroll ALL THE WAY down to “Food For Thought,” & read “How I Quit Caffeine & Did Not Die.” Hilarious!

4) Brenda Davis R.D. can be found at If you are brainy, you may appreciate this website. This lady is remarkably intelligent & educated about all things concerning food & digestion, & probably a lot more. She has written a lot about veganism & raw food diets, & she is refreshingly honest about both the pros & cons of these. She also addresses all sort of health issues, so if you are researching a particular issue, check it out.

5) Okay, this one is really two, I suppose. I first went to, & then, while looking at a recipe, I linked to I’ve been lacto-fermenting & otherwise naturally fermenting foods for a few years. I love these foods, & am convinced they are extremely beneficial. They are also super easy to make. (Otherwise I would not be regularly making them!) But to learn more about these yummy treats, visit these sites.

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