The Truth About Poop

The general comfort level around this discussion seems to be shifting. My college age kids seem to talk openly about bodily functions & such. My generation, less so; & my grandparents would scarcely mention a body part other than an arm or leg. Perhaps this is why it was so long before I realized that my own experience was far from acceptable.

While as a preschooler I was given regular enemas, My mother failed to mention that this was probably unnecessary for most of my little friends. As a teen, the steady refrain of my doctors was, “you are not eating enough whole wheat & wheat bran.” My diet was probably about 75% whole wheat & wheat bran! Much later, I learned that I am intolerant to wheat, so no wonder things kept getting worse.

In my mid-thirties, I saw a specialist who prescribed the undignified stool test, which yielded some useful information, but ultimately little improvement. Then, several years later, I was working at a health food store. I had access to many great books, & I found for the first time a really detailed description of what bowel health should be. The thing that stuck in my mind was that there seemed to be agreement that the bowels should move 1-3 times every day, with minimal effort, & that there should be NO discomfort (or rumbling, gas, etc.) in the abdomen as a result of eating. I was in BIG trouble!

The last 10 years has been quite a journey for me. Finally, I am figuring out my own body, at least a great degree. Massive doses of antibiotics beginning at the age of 3 months probably started me off badly; at some point, food sensitivities came into the picture. My addiction to sugar aggravated the situation. So even juicing, eating more veggies, & taking probiotics did little to help my compromised, leaky gut (though these measures help many individuals.)

The good news is that there are now some fantastic & readily accessible resources for people like me. (I also learned that I am NOT alone– many many Americans suffer chronic gut problems.) I am happy to report that I feel better than ever, & my gut is finally healing. The things that have contributed to my current state the most, I think, are Sally Fallon’s book, “Nourishing Traditions,” & Dr. John Douillard’s website & materials at If you have digestive/gut issues, I urge you to get some help! I feel like I’ve been given a whole new body. The truth is that most people can heal from this type of problem. If I’m talking about you, don’t continue to suffer!

More on this topic later…

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