Sweet Nothings?

Today is November 3, so three days ago was my least favorite “holiday,” Halloween. What is Halloween really about, anyway? Dressing in costumes, being scared, & eating candy. I do enjoy the pumpkins– carving them, eating them, little kids dressed like them. I kept quiet for many years (mostly) about my anti-Halloween sentiments, because my husband wanted to let our kiddos enjoy it, and I agreed. But this year, even he was ready to ditch the “festivities” altogether & escape.

Ready to go get some candy! (My daughter & her friend)

Here’s the great thing: for the first Halloween I can remember, I ate not even 1 piece of candy! It has not much at all to do with will power, either. The fact is that for the first time in my life, I really feel free from my sugar addiction. I say this with trepidation– what if it comes back? My husband is baffled by the notion of sugar being addictive. Apparently, not everyone falls under sugar’s spell. I don’t know the statistics as to what percentage of Americans has become addicted to sugar, but I recently heard that we are annually consuming 130 pounds of sugar per capita, Can that be right? That means that someone is eating a whole lot more than that, because I know Scott & I are eating nowhere near that amount.

Everyone who ever picks up magazines, watches television, or surfs the internet should be aware of the epidemic numbers of the big killers: heart disease, diabetes, & cancer. We vaguely seem to know that there is a correlation to sugar consumption; but do we really connect the dots? I encourage people to take an honest look at themselves with regard to sugar. Then, understand that there is HOPE– hope of being free from its power over you (unless you’re like my husband, & don’t have this issue to begin with.)

If you are convinced, as I am, that sugar is truly harmful, yet you don’t know where to start in overcoming your addiction, I am here to tell you that it CAN be done. I will be posting more on this topic, or you can look me up as a health coach. Or you could find another health coach. Helping people with overcoming food cravings & addictions is one of the things we love to do. Some of you will respond to a “cold turkey” approach, but most of you will do well with “baby steps.” Either way, I hope you won’t forvever be ruled by a sugar addiction, now that you know it’s possible to turn the tide.

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