Dear Reader…Thank You!

You are reading this blog, & I am grateful. I started just a few weeks ago, as a part of my schooling to become a certified health coach. But I really didn’t know much about blogging (I now know…only a little more!)

You never know who you’ll run in to on-line! (This photo has nothing to do with blogging, really. I just liked it.)

Some of you read these posts via facebook, some directly through Word Press. Either way, it has been so fun seeing your responses & visiting your pages, & just finding out what you’re up to. In very fast-paced world, it’s been a kick to find some really interesting folks who are making themselves & their stories visible on the web. Some of you are even like-minded, which is always fun!

I’ve found adventurers to faraway lands, collectors, designers & photographers, some great recipes, some political zealots of various alignments, & quite a few people who are just struggling with big challenges. Blogging is sometimes a way to deal with big or small difficulties in a creative way, and creates an avenue for support. So if you are both a reader & a blogger, double thanks to you!


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