Rooting for the Underdog

I don’t know the numbers. I have no idea how much Monsanto is worth, or Coca Cola, McDonald’s, the school lunch program funded by our government. And I really don’t know about Whole Foods, Chipotle, or Food Inc (the movie) in terms of their financial picture. But I’m pretty sure these (latter) organizations are the “little guys.” By a LONG way.

A grassroots health movement is underway, led by lots of little guys. It involves holistic, preventative health care, “slow food,” supporting local & organic food production & distribution, & all sorts of things that are making my life better on many levels. Lots of organizations are springing up, some very small & others visible to many of us. People like Dr. Mehmet Oz, & Dr, David L. Katz are well- known. One of my favorite authors, Sally Fallon, is a little less known, but still becoming more popular by the day, I suppose. Then there are the neighbors who raise eggs & honey, the church down the street that runs a community organic garden, & health coaches like me.

Some of these folks are encouraging us to vote according to what will advance this very good movement. But I’m not always sure that I agree with the ideas they have about exactly what the government should do. I have to say that the new law limiting the size of soft drinks in New York City makes me happy, given that drinking the stuff is proven to be a HUGE health risk. But I’m not sure just how far down that road we should go.

One thing I know: I’m rooting for the underdog! Every time I go to Chipotle, or the farmer’s market, or even buy something organic at a regular grocery store, I vote for the underdog. Remember the movie “Miracle” about the U.S. Olympic hockey team that beat incredible odds to win the gold? I sort of feel like one of those guys, I guess. I believe we just might win!

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