10 Ways to Enjoy Fall More

Fall is my favorite season; but it hasn’t always been so. I found myself dreading the madness of the up-coming holiday rush & the icky feeling in my body following too much Halloween candy.  Over the last several years, I’ve made some changes, & once again, I’m really enjoying this wonderful season. So, here are some suggestions based on what I’ve done:

1) Enjoy seasonal foods, like roasted squash. Especially look for local sources, or maybe your own garden.

2) Instead of posting inflammatory remarks on facebook, try making a new, positive connection (to an actual human!) or turning a division into a positive connection. (This may involve forgiveness.)

3) I feel so much better when I do a seasonal cleanse. It doesn’t have to be super intense– whatever level is good for you will help you face the holiday onslaught, & may even help you fill up on good foods before you get around to the junk. You could try a 3-day juice fast, fruits & veggies only for a few days, or look online for a good program. (Most programs recommend you check with your health care professional first.)

4) Visit someone who can’t visit you back, like a nursing home patient you know of, or a prisoner. There are organizations that do prison ministry regularly, so you can go along with someone experienced in such things. Most of these folks rarely get visitors.

5) Try reducing sugar by enjoying other naturally sweet foods, like pumpkin, onions & root veggies, & rooibos herbal tea.

6) Spend some time outdoors (regularly!) Even if it’s “bad” weather, you can almost always find a way to get out for at least a few minutes. I have to go out with my dogs daily, & it is always refreshing to breathe the air, walk a bit & take in the fall landscape.

7) Enjoy “warm” spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, ginger, & tumeric.

8) Teach your kids about family history, especially traditions & stories of funny or special times relating to the season. My kids are older now, & I still stumble upon stories they haven’t heard yet. “Did you know Great Grandpa used to…?”

9) Bury a turkey! We have cooked our last few turkeys in a pit in our back yard. The men especially love digging the hole & building the fire! I will post a recipe tomorrow. It’s the very best turkey ever. (I didn’t even really like turkey before.)

10) Cut yourself some slack! Delegate & even just say “no” to whatever stresses you out whenever possible! It’s more fun to have fewer side dishes at Thanksgiving & relax with a glass of wine to drink with loved ones instead.

11) Did I say 10? Well, this one is NOT seasonal. Give thanks! Focus on what’s good with gratitude aplenty, even when it’s not easy. I believe that everything good is given by God, no matter how small, & thanking God is good for me, too.


  1. These are all great steps to a better way of life; getting outdoors on a regular–even if it’s pouring rain or snow–is something I try and do myself as well:)

  2. Sierra

    I think I’m going to try a cleanse…

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