A New Paradigm, Inspired by Germany

When Scott & I were in Germany, I kept wanting to take a particular photo: a pretty girl wearing a dress & high heels while riding a bike.We saw this many times, & my German friends were not in the least surprised by it; but I don’t recall ever seeing such a thing before in my entire life, except maybe in a magazine. (I failed to get the picture–seemed to never have camera in hand at the right time.)

The fact is, even though I had heard that in many parts of the world lots of folks walk & ride bicycles as a major form of transportation, I was still amazed by the number of people I saw out doing just that. But what has me so very inspired is what comes as a result of all this physical activity (& other factors, as well, I’m sure.) The German people seemed to be very healthy & fit.

Christa & Wolfgang Taube never seemed tired as they gave us an all day walking tour of Leubeck, telling delightful stories & history & entertaining us into the evening.

I’m not saying that no health problems exist in Germany. But, while visiting several cities & numerous small towns, I saw many gray-haired people out walking & riding bikes, no one who weighed possibly 300 pounds, no one on oxygen or using a walker. (All of which I observed within a day of my return to the States.) I have to say that all of this has caused me to think about aging differently. I hope to stay active myself, & to help others, through my health coaching practice, to age well. I have seen for myself that it is possible on a scale I had not imagined!


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