Fall Recipe: Winter & Summer Squash Soup

One thing I love about fall is squash soup! I used butternut squash & some strange volunteers from my garden that looked like little pumpkin figs; but acorn or spaghetti squash work also. I do not really give amounts because you never know what size your squash will be. Just adjust amounts to suit yourself. Generally, I use 2-4 medium-sized winter squashes, one medium zucchini, one onion, one red pepper, a can of coconut milk, a container of broth, and about 1/2 tsp of each seasoning, plus salt & black pepper to taste.

This is what I used to make the soup, except for the coconut milk & broth. Oh, & I added some tumeric & paprika.

First, I wash & bake the winter squash at 350 degrees for about an hour, until they are soft. Then let them cool, seed peel, & trim them, then cut in chunks that will fit into your blender.

The winter squash could be prepared early, even the night before, & refrigerated until needed. The zucchini, red pepper, & onion should be diced, seasoned with cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, tumeric, & paprika, & sauteed closer to the time you wish to serve the soup. Also add salt & black pepper at this time. Veggies should be a little soft, but not soggy.

Place cooked winter squash, sauteed veggies, coconut milk, & broth in blender.Add a little water, if needed. Blend in small batches until smooth. I like to keep back part of the sauteed veggies. I add them at the end, for a chunkier soup. I also add diced, cooked chicken or duck at the end.

For serving, I added chopped cashews & fresh herbs. Pecans or walnuts would also be great. Enjoy!


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