Tea in Germany With Friends

…And How I Survived

Recently, Scott & I visited Germany for the first time. While there, we were invited by a delightful couple, Mr. & Mrs. Haas, to tea. Mrs. Haas is 80something, & Mr. Haas is 91; both have impeccable English & seem vigorously healthy (still getting around on bicycles!)  We were given a tour of their historic church (origins in the 800’s AD), their garden, their thatched-roofed house, & their amazing art collection.

Amid warm & welcoming conversation, we sat down to a British-looking tea set & a tray of little cakes & cookies. Now, I am gluten intolerant; gluten does BAD things to me. But the last thing I wanted to do was to make Mr. & Mrs. Haas feel bad. I said a little prayer (please God, let this be okay!) and ate, expressing gratitude to my hosts.

Though I would not necessarily recommend the same course of action for someone else, I am happy to report that I felt fine, and very well-nourished.

Next time, a seasonal recipe…

Alas, I failed to shoot another photo of Mrs. Haas (or her husband.) That is our wonderful friend, Kata, behind me. She joined us for tea.


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