Why Would I Need a Health Coach?

The new trend is a welcome one, indeed! There’s a bit of a buzz about this new phenomenon: the health coach. And since I am going to school to become one, I thought I’d talk about it here.

If, for example, you have recently been diagnosed with a chronic condition, such as IBS or heart disease, and your doctor has advised you to lose weight and get your blood pressure down. You feel very unmotivated and lost as to how to begin. A health coach could help you!

Or perhaps you are thinking it might be time to have a baby; but you are so stressed out by your 60+ hour per week job that you don’t have time to eat well, exercise, or spend the time you’d like with your spouse & friends. A health coach could help!

Health coaches do not diagnose diseases or prescribe medications. They are not meant to take the place of M.D.s. What they do is to help clients define & clarify their own objectives for their lives, then inspire & guide them in that direction. I will be focusing primarily on nutrition as an avenue to health; but remember, nutrition is about more than just food!

Contact me if you are interested in receiving a free initial consultation. I will not be giving any advice at this time, but beginning to “practice” practicing by doing a “Health History.” Fun!


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